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Best Blackjack Professionals


Blackjack Is Perhaps The Easiest Card Game That You Can Find In A Casino. It’s Fun To Play With Friends, And Better To Gamble On. Over The Years, The Game Has Given The World A Lot Of Names, But Some Hold A Special Position. They Have Mastered The Skill Of The Easy Game And Turned It Into A Fortune. On Top Of That, Their Popularity Has Offered Them Perks That They Continue To Enjoy.

Don Johnson

Don Johnson Is A Name That Is Well Known In The Casino Industry In General, And Blackjack In Particular. Nothing Can Be Compared To The Legendary Hands That Made A Whopping Fortune. In Just Six Months, The Player Made $15 Million At Atlantic City Casinos. This Was The First Time That Someone Had Won A Huge Amount From The Casino. In An Interview, John Said That A Trained Mind Can Keep Track Of The Cards That Are Being Played, Debunking The Theories That He Counted Cards. The Player’s Win Gave The Gambling World An Icon To Look For, And Be Inspired.

James Grosjean

James Grosjean

James Grosjean Is A Popular Blackjack Player And Is Well Known Across. However, The Journey Has Been Long For Him. He Got Introduced To The Game When He Studying At The Chicago University. In The Next Few Years, He Dedicated His Best Commitment To The Game, And Quite Excelled In It. It’s Equally Important To Mention That He Has Two Publications In His Name As Well. He Has Always Exposed The Mathematical Aspects Of Gambling As Well. In Addition To That, He Is The Inventor Of Various Gambling Strategies, And Many Of These Are Used By Players All Around The World.

Bill Benter

Bill Benter Is Not Just A Popular And Successful Blackjack Player But Is Also Known As A Philanthropist. Though He Has Been Part Of Some Controversies As Well, His Career In Betting And Gambling Has Always Been On The Rise. Apart From The Blackjack, He Has Also Been An Avid Bettor And Continues To Bet On Horse Betting, Winning Lots Of Dollars On The Bets. His Name Indeed Is Something That Inspires Others As Well. In Addition To That, He’s Also One Of Those Who Have Been Carved On The Blackjack Hall Of Fame.

Bill Benter

Kerry Packer

Kerry Packer Is A Name That Refuses To Fade. He Has Some Excellent Gaming Talents And Known Winner In Blackjack Games. His First Massive Win Came In 1995 When He Was Risky Enough To Wager A $250,000 Bet Per Hand, And Then Landing Wins. Where He Has Won Millions In Blackjack, He Has Also Lost A Lot Of Money As Well. He’s One Of The Risky, And Successful Gamblers In Blackjack.

Ken Uston:

Ken Uston Died At The Age Of 52, However, Not Before He Made A Name For Himself. Initially, He Was Appreciated For His Sharp Gaming Skills And Beating The House Edge. He Landed Some Great Wins And Also Got Banned A Couple Of Times.

Blackjack Professionals


Blackjack Is One Game That Is Popular All Around The World. It’s Easy To Play And Offers An Excellent Opportunity To Make Huge Profits.

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